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Frequently Asked Questions

INOKIM is the name given to MYWAY when it entered a mass production, they are the same excellent scooter.

Inokim scooters have rechargeable lithium batteries like those in TESLAs.
These high-end batteries are beneficial because they are: rechargeable, light weight, compact, and have a longer range than other batteries.

Inokim scooters can reach 25 km/hr, depending on the model, user's weight, wind resistance and incline.

It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

In optimal conditions, a fully charged Inokim scooter can travel 25 km.

All three available models (Mini, Light and Quick) weigh under 15 kg.

Our scooters are water resistant and will not be damaged by rain, however pools of water should be avoided.