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Test Article 17

Thanks to INOKIM, Bruno knocks valuable time off his commute from Brighton every day.


If there is something Bruno understands, it is innovation – Bruno is a high-tech guy working as a vp in a digital marketing agency.

Every day Bruno leaves his home in Brighton to the train station in London, where he works. He takes the train with his INOKIM electric scooter. He takes the time to London to read, work and talk on the phone, and when he arrives at the station in London he simply climbs on to the scooter and scoots to his office in Soho.

“It takes me a little over an hour to get to work door to door,” he said. “When I have no choice and I have to take the car, it can take between two and three hours, on a good day. “I have an INOKIM Light and when I get to the train I just fold it and put it under the seat,” added Bruno.

“I was debating whether to buy an electric bicycle, but a friend told me about the chargeable scooter and how efficient and fun it was.  I took a test drive and fell in love”. Bruno is not the only one.

At the company where Bruno works, there are already six electric scooters – people who saw his Inokim and bought one too. Inside the company’s offices there is a special parking lot for the scooters, and apart from transporting the owners of the scooters from their home to the office and back, the scooters are also used by other company employees who take them for errands, mail or bring food in the afternoon. Bruno says there are more and more people interested in scooting, among high-tech people in general and in the company in which he works in particular. “The scooters have become real vehicles for our company and everyone is using them,” he testified.

INOKIM and forward thinkers – a natural connection

Inokim scooter can be folded and lifted on to the luggage rack of any train, you can get into the elevator with it and even put it right inside the office thanks to the unique folding mechanism and its compact dimensions.

The Inokim is recommended for adults as it is not only efficient but also well designed and fun to ride .