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Behind the INOKIM Idea

Nimrod Sapir designed the INOKIM scooter and he said. “I was always looking for ways to get to places quickly, get out last and get in first … I had bikes, motorcycles, rollerblades, skateboards …”. Sapir was looking for an innovative solution that would save time, be efficient and green and would not need skill or physical exertion. He came up with the idea of a folding electric scooter which would also solve the problem of “the last mile” for people coming into the city by train, an easy scoot from the railway station to work. Sapir developed INOKIM, an electric scooter with an original folding mechanism that can carry 130 kg for up to 30 miles, it folds in three easy movements and with its green technology does not harm the environment. At Scootin you can test-drive, buy or rent or even ‘rent to buy’ the electric push scooters. We have an on site workshop, where you can have a coffee while you wait for any repairs or technical issues, Also our engineers can scoot to your workplace or office so long as it is within ten miles of our Scootin station.

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About Scootin

Scootin is a business which focuses on practical clean transport solutions. Founded in the UK by entrepreneur Itzik Ben Aharon Scootin’s first station is at 327 Euston Road, London,  where he stocks the newest revolutionary electric push scooter – currently specialising in the INOKIM brand. The electric scooter is more practical in big cities than the electric bike, it can be carried and it is easy to hop off, if needed. The electric push scooter epitomises urban freedom. Bringing a car into London is not only expensive, it usually also wastes time waiting in traffic. In London parking is challenging, there is a congestion tax to pay, there will soon be a diesel car charge to pay and the car emits pollutants and harms the environment. While decades ago it was possible to wander around most cities on foot the cities of today tend to sprawl. Public transport systems such as tubes, motorways, highways and buses serve millions of people every day, efficiently, but not every place has such a solution and if it does they can be overcrowded, hot, pricey and unreliable. There are solutions thankfully – a motorcycle or a moped, regular or electric bikes can be efficient and there are also those that ride on roller skates or skateboards. But…motorcycles or mopeds require licensing and insurance and are polluting. Electric bikes are regularly stolen and can not be housed in all offices. So Scootin has invested in the last step in evolution ….before the jet pack goes into commercial and affordable production.

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We are

World Wide

INOKIM is a world wide company originating in Israel, with stores across Asia, Europe and North America. Visit any location to experience the new green way to commute.

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